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Psychic phenomena has its place in your spiritual growth.
Just be aware that, in and of itself, the phenomena will not bring you happiness or peace and it will never truly lead you to God.
 Beyond the lower planes of the physical, astral, causal, mental and etheric are the 'God Planes'  where the only 'thing' that is real, and permanent, is Love.

Angels are messengers. The most important message they bring to humanity is one of total love and acceptance. 
Developing a greater ability to give and receive love will bring you closer to God.



Watch Ancient Aliens: the Series on the History Channel for new segments OCTOBER 7 with Sherry and Synergy!

In Memory of my beloved Father, James Whitfield   Feb. 9, 1934 to Dec. 5, 2010



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Everything on this site is meant to support and assist you
in developing your spiritual awareness,
including the ability to recognize and communicate with
your own Angels and Guides

On this site you will find things like:
Simple and effective spiritual exercises you can try for yourself 
True stories
and information on things such as
Angels,   Lucid Dreaming,  Crystal Skulls, Auras,  Aura Artwork,  Chakras,  Karma,
Spiritual Protection, Clearing & Releasing and
Spiritual Protection from Psychic Attack
Including a Section with FAQ about Psychic Attack, Ghosts, Haunting, Possession, Entities, etc.

Upcoming Workshops by  Sherry Whitfield

Who is Sherry, anyway?
Sherry Whitfield
has facilitated workshops across the world on various spiritual, metaphysical  and esoteric subjects. Clairvoyant since early childhood, Sherry grew up in a family where "ESP" type experiences were not unusual. A guest on television and radio, she is known for her down to earth and gently humorous approach to spiritual topics. Sherry emphasizes simple, practical applications for spiritual awareness, personal and professional development. 

Sherry has been a guest on numerous radio and TV shows including recent interviews on Coast to Coast AM radio and
she is in the History channel series, Ancient Aliens and various other productions.
She is featured in two films: Meet Your Angels and Echoes from the Ages: Talking Story with Crystal Skulls.

Sherry's work focuses on moving beyond the superficial fascination of phenomena, and toward a path of spiritual
balance, transformation, and self-responsibility. Of prime importance to her is the cultivation of compassionate detachment and an ever increasing ability to give and receive love. 
 Learning to recognize the Guidance that one is already receiving is a useful and life altering experience. Workshops and study groups are non-denominational and emphasize the importance of  self-acceptance, tolerance and the consistent self-discipline necessary to build a solid and lasting spiritual foundation, no matter what ones’ personal religious or spiritual beliefs may be.  
For more about Sherry- Click here

Sherry Whitfield is also the latest Caretaker/Guardian 
of a genuine, life-size, ancient crystal skull known as "Synergy."

Click here for more information on this fascinating artifact!


n Sherry's Own Words...    Intuitive abilities run in my family. Just about everyone, on both my mothers and fathers side of the family, have a fairly strong "sixth sense" of some sort. Most of my relatives have had consistent, paranormal experiences, and a kind of intuition that often defies logic.
A few family members have seen and spoken to "Beings," some are healers, some are preachers, some do readings or have what seem to be past life memories. A few, like my father, are lucid dreamers - adept in using their dreams to find answers to puzzling question
s -- or for other, more esoteric and spiritual purposes. 
I was lucky to grow up in this family. They accepted me and I was never given an undue amount of attention for any 'psychic abilities.'   My parents thought that the things I experienced  were just a normal (for me) part of life and didn't analyze me to death. 
Unfortunately, after I got old enough to become aware that I was a little different, I struggled to accept myself. Eventually, in my late teens, I analyzed and judged and criticized myself into a literal nervous breakdown. That sounds kind of funny, now, but it wasn't then.  Not one bit...   Click here to finish this story about Sherry

Various photos of Aura drawings

People are Living Rainbows!  
I was born being able to see the energy (auras) around people, animals and other things.  This is often called an aura.
If you'd like to see a bit of what I see, via some of the  drawings I've done, you can click on the hands at the right.




Sherry and Synergy are in and around the Southwestern U.S.
and in these selected areas:

San Francisco Bay Area - May 3 
Tucson, Arizona - at Mystic Candles & Metaphysical - May 16
Sedona area - May 21
- various venues throughout the state - July 8 - 22
Rutland, Vermont - August 8 -10
Augusta, Maine - August 14-17
September - Ireland - on the equinox - plus Spain and the Netherlands
Columbus, Ohio - the ULE event - mid-October, 2014

To Be Announced 2014 and 2015: (TBA)
Tombstone, Arizona - at The Blue Eyed Witch Metaphysical Shop
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - TBA
Sedona, Arizona - TBA
Michigan - TBA
Monterey, California - TBA
New York - TBA
England - TBA
Ireland - TBA
Belgium - TBA
Norway - TBA
Turkey -TBA
Bali - TBA
Australia - TBA

More specific dates added soon!

Come see Synergy and Sherry!!

May 16, 2014 - 6:30pm to 9pm
Tucson, Arizona

Mystic Candles & Metaphysical
6546 E. 22nd St. Tucson, Arizona - just east of Wilmot


This local group is by Donation!
Call 520-721-1011 to make your reservation

I wanted a local group in a small venue so that I could do this for a small donation - but it's not about money - so if things are tough for you right now and you do not have extra money to spare it's OK! Come join us anyhow!

Bring your drum or rattle as we will start off with a drumming circle.

Synergy: The Skull of Joy and Laughter!


July 12 - 20

Nashville and
Memphis, Tennessee Areas!

Click here for MORE DETAILS

To RSVP, schedule a Private Session, or for more information on any of these events,
Please call or text Madra Little @ 901-827-0023 or email: motherwind14@gmail.com


Cost of the 2 hour events is $30. Workshop: $50. Shamanic Circle: $30. Private Session: $50.
Private Session are VERY LIMITED at these locations.


Click here for DETAILS on
ALL upcoming  VISITS and workshops

 Spiritual Study and Support Groups in Tucson, Arizona
These are ongoing groups, designed to provide a safe place to learn and share.
They are designed to support you in your spiritual growth and unfoldment!

 These groups are provided at no charge.
Next Group:  Date to be announced, depending on traveling and work schedule.

email Sherry for details or to get on the mailing list. 



Crystal Skulls naturally work together... humans could learn from them in this way!
We do not have to agree on every little detail of every little thing to co-operate and treat each other with respect!

Here are a couple of meetings with other Guardians and their crystal skulls...

Michelle Nocerino and ShaNaRa
Sherry and Synergy
Michelle Nocerino and ShaNaRa
Sherry and Synergy

New York City, June 18, 2010

 Bill Homann and the Mitchell-Hedges Skull
with Synergy and Sherry 
 taken in Sedona, Arizona  on September 27, 2008.

Bill and Sherry agree that the time is ripe for caretakers of ancient and contemporary skulls to join together in to bring about an increase in love and spiritual awareness.

See Bill and Sherry together in the NEW film about Crystal Skulls entitled
Echoes from the Ages: Talking Story with the Crystal Skulls www.CrystalSkullFilm.com





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A NEW Avalon Video Production about Crystal Skulls
www.CrystalSkullVideo.com for more info

Echoes from the Ages:
Talking Story with Crystal Skulls

A Film about
Working with and Using Crystal Skulls

featuring stories & insights
by some of the leading names in the field

with the ancient crystal skull Synergy and caretaker Sherry Whitfield
77 minutes long!

Crystal Skulls are Tools of Awareness!
When a person encounters a crystal skull, the first question
 often asked is:
"What do I do with it?"
This film will answer that question and much more!

In the South Pacific Cultures, as well as in many other Native Cultures, people get together to 'Talk Story.'
When Talking Story, a person shares their wisdom and insight in tales of personal experiences, using humor and human fallibility to make their points. Others may add to the story as it is being told because collaboration and cooperation are highly regarded in this tradition.
Join us as we 'Talk Story' with crystal skulls and friends.

Practical and useful information about working with your crystal skull.
Crystal skulls are tools of awareness and they can:
Focus Energy
Reflect Energy
Attune Energy
Transmit Energy
Transform Energy
Store Energy
Amplify Energy

Bill Homann – Caretaker, Mitchell-Hedges Skull of Love
Mayan Priestess Flordemayo – World famous crystal skull worker
Dr Chet B. Snow, PhD - Author of “Mass Dreams of the Future”
Dr Jaap van Etten, PhD - Author of “Crystal Skulls Interacting with a Phenomenon”
Kallista Snow, Jeanne Michaels, Madra Gayle Little, Michelle Lee Handa, Carolyn McDermott,
Arthur van Steen, Jaimee Nevins, Sherry Whitfield, & More!


$25.00 + shipping
Go to ebay store to order this DVD!


Sedona, Arizona at the "Four Winds Wisdom Gathering."   Check back for details on the next one in 2009!

At Left: Auntie Pua, Honored Elder from Hawaii; Willard Pine, Honored Ojibwa Elder from Canada; Nadine daughter of Honored Elder Grandma Agnes, from Oregon,
and Arthur van Steen, Honored Guest from Holland (Synergy is in the bag Arthur is carrying!)


If you are interested in attending or sponsoring a workshop with Sherry and Synergy in the U.S.,  Canada, Europe - elsewhere - or would like to get on the mailing list, please email:

Would you like to communicate with your Guardian Angel?

Do you have a friend or loved one interested in Angels?

It's FUN to learn to recognize the Guidance that each of us is receiving from our guardian Angels,
 through developing a greater awareness. 
They are always with you, and everyone has at least one angel.
It takes no special abilities to communicate with your own angels.
It only takes sincerity, a willingness to give it a try and some patience.
 If you are interested in learning more about how to become aware of and communicate with yours, explore this web site - and you might also want to take a look at these videos. 
They are beautifully presented and filled with true stories and simple, specific techniques anyone can use to begin to recognize and communicate with their own guardian Angel.   (Sherry donated her time for the making of the videos.)


Order the complete DVD with *extras*
online, at this link

(Amazon only has the VHS video at this time and it's sometimes difficult to get. The DVD is available all of the time.)
 ORDER THE DVD at www.CrystalSkull.net


Click here for a list of available meditations on CD  and or to Order CDs online!

I am also interested in sharing techniques for lucid dreaming.  This is when you are aware and 'awake during your dream.  You know you are dreaming and maybe you can change and guide the dream -- or more!
I have quite a few exercises on this site that are simple enough for anyone to try.
If you have a lucid dreaming technique or if you have an angel story or experience that  you'd like to share, let me know by email and I will post them in a new section that I am working on right now. 
 Whatever your interest in spiritual growth, I probably have something of some interest somewhere on this site.
 Enjoy yourself and please check back regularly, as I will have more things up soon!

Click Here  to
"Meet Your Angels!"
Click  Here  to  learn  about
Lucid  Dreaming

PLEASE NOTE:  I  rarely do individual readings anymore.  I do try and answer your email as best as I can, time permitting, but please, don't ask me for a reading.  I've learned a lot from doing readings (for over 4 decades now) and I don't regret doing them, but  I only do readings when, and IF I am guided to do them. THAT IS VERY VERY RARE.
PLEASE do not email me and ask me questions that are really asking for a reading without actually asking for one.  I have had over 1200 emails since January 1, 2012 asking me that sort of thing.

I am more interested in assisting and supporting people who want to experience these things for themselves - that's why I started doing workshops. I hope to pass along some technique and/or insight that will be of use.  The people I've met at my workshops and through this web site have been a tremendous blessing in my life!
And remember:  It really doesn't matter  what   I  can do...   It only matters what YOU can do!


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Psychic phenomena has its place in your spiritual growth.
Just be aware that, in and of itself, phenomena will not bring you happiness or peace and will never lead you to God.
 Beyond the physical, astral, causal, mental and etheric planes are the 'God Planes,'

Where the only 'thing' that is real, and permanent, is Love.

Angels are messengers. The most important message they bring to humanity is one of total love and acceptance. 
Developing a greater ability to give and receive love will bring you closer to God.

EMAIL:  Sherry@ILoveAngels.com

**If you email me and do not get a reply, please try again.
I answer all emails myself, but due to the volume I now get, I am often very behind.
email me again if you don't get a response within 2 weeks - and please, check your spam folder for replies!

Please remember, I do not do private readings anymore - so
PLEASE do not email me and ask questions that are really asking for a reading without actually asking for one.
I have had over 26,000 emails since September 1, 2012 asking me that sort of thing.

It's not about offering me more money so then I'll change my mind... It's only about me following my heart and my Guidance.
Thanks for understanding!