Crystalline Fellowship Founder


Dr. Jaap van Etten, PhD

Jaap has a PhD in Biology with a focus on Ecology – the study of the interrelationship between living beings and their environment. Over the years his studies included the Metaphysical and Spiritual aspects of life. He also studied the human energy system. During these studies he developed inner sight and knowing into the “unseen” realms. He utilizes these abilities together with his knowledge to continue his study of the interaction between the subtle energies of ourselves and those of the world around us. He calls this study “Metaphysical Ecology”.

Jaap has explored hundreds of vortexes in the Sedona area to understand Earth’s energy lines and power spots and how they affect the human energy system.

Jaap shares his knowledge and abilities with others in a way that facilitates their personal growth.

This can be in the form of a vortex healing experience. First Jaap tunes into you to feel which vortexes will assist you most optimally. Then he takes you to them. While there he scans your energetic interaction with the vortex energies so that he can give you feedback, information and guidance on issues in your life.

In a healing session Jaap scans your energy system and discusses with you the beliefs that most likely are causing disharmonies. Then he gives a powerfully unique healing session that helps to transform these beliefs and will align and balance your energy bodies and chakras.





Jaap has written four books. They are available as a book and as an eBook.
The eBook is available through Amazon, Apple iTunes, Google Play and Barnes & Nobles

The first book was published in September 2007 and is titled Crystal Skulls: Interacting with a Phenomenon. It describes the understanding of crystal skulls at that time and is still very valuable, especially to understand the basics of the energies of crystal skulls.

The second book, Gifts of Mother Earth, focuses on describing the different energies of the Earth and how these energies support us on our Journey. It was published in March 2011. This book helps us to understand that Mother Earth truly support us in every way during our journey on Earth.

The third book, Crystal Skulls: Expand Your Consciousness was published January 2013. It is a follow up of the first crystal skull book. It adds aspects that were not included in the first book. The majority of the book focuses on the awakening of the full potential of crystal skulls and as a consequence the full potential of ourselves. A CD with 54 minutes of guided meditations is included in the book.

The Fourth book, Birth of a New Consciousness: Dialogues with the Sidhe was published in March 2015. It differs considerably from the previous books because it was created in collaboration with two Sidhe. The Sidhe are a humanoid race that is related to us, but lives in a world out of phase with ours. It sets the stage for the possibility to co-create a new consciousness that can restore what many call paradise. Far fetched? reading the book may change your mind and may make you an enthusiastic contributor.