Crystalline Fellowship Founder


Jeanne Michaels, M.A.

Jeanne takes you on a healing/transformational journey to yourself. She opens to Realms of Light to assist in connecting you with the Divineness of You. You are without limitations. You are the love you are looking for. You are whole and healed. Experience who you truly are.

Jeanne’s main focus, her passion, is working with energies. The way she works with energies has been likened to a conductor of an orchestra, bringing in energies or combinations of energies as needed. These energies are used for healing and transformation.

Jeanne’s educational background has had a wholistic approach since early childhood. Her ongoing search has been to understand the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of life. In her youth having this vision was frustrating due to limited views of others. Over the years she encountered more open, expanded minds. In 1977 she received her masters degree in Buddhist and Western Psychology from Naropa Institute. One aspect of this training was to gain intimate understanding of the nature of mind. She became more self- responsible for her state of mind and her emotions.

Jeanne’s own health issues stimulated her exploration of alternative approaches to healing. Through the study and practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Jeanne began to apply self-healing, self-responsibility for her own health. This led to learning numerous other healing modalities from both living and other dimensional teachers. Her search has been to seek out the most effective modalities. Emphasis has been on those modalities that can easily be taught to others so that they can treat themselves.

One of the teachings from Jeanne’s Jin Shin Jyutsu teacher, Mary Brumeister, left a deep impression. Mary taught that when listening to the pulses not to listen for what was wrong but to listen for the harmony. Find the wholeness first. We are whole. We know what health and well-being is. We just need to clear away the “dirt, dust, and greasy grime”.

During Jeanne’s ongoing training she has began working more and more with the subtle energies of a person’s body, the energy bodies around a person and the subtle energies in our world. She opened to other realms of existence and began to communicate with and channel the energies of beings such as Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary, Quan Yin and many other Beings of Light. Together they create an energy field to provide a supporting environment in which specific energies can be applied.

Jeanne also utilizes the assistance of her friends from the crystalline world. Her training has been from various people and from the crystals themselves. For many years she has used crystals and gemstones in her work. Later her husband, Jaap, invited her into the world of crystal skulls.They have become a major asset to her work.

Jeanne is a certified dolphin energy practitioner. She received training from the Dolphin Heart World in Sedona.

Perhaps the most important training Jeanne received is the ability to let go, to get out of her ego, to get out of the way so that she may allow the energies that are needed to flow through her as purely as possible.

Jeanne is a connector. She connects to vast energy fields, the dolphin healing field, the angelic realms and other beings of light to bring those energies and frequencies into this dimension. This can be done to assist in clients’ personal healing, to give them initiations; to help them to connect with their guides; to (re)connect, integrate more fully with the multidimensional beings they are. Archangel Michael is her primary guide guiding her to those Beings and experiences that assist her in her life.