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Sherry Whitfield

For several decades Sherry Whitfield has led numerous workshops internationally on spiritual, metaphysical & esoteric subjects. Her focus is on spiritual awareness and development, as well as the empowerment and validation of the individual.

Sherry is the current guardian of the ancient crystal skull known as Synergy. Sherry and Synergy’s work together is rooted in building a group vibration or resonance that encompasses compassion, gratitude, acceptance and an ever increasing ability to give and receive love. Synergy is also known as the skull of Joy and Laughter, or the Laughing skull.  One of it's main purposes with humanity is to assist in raising spiritual vibrations of any person who asks - and thus, human consciousness.
Synergy is a twin crystal skull - and its twin still resides with an aboriginal South Pacific tribe known as 'the Real people.'

Clairvoyant since early childhood, Whitfield has an unusual background, having worked as a "Sensitive," in a medical doctor’s office for several years, assisting the doctor in gaining insights into atypical or difficult medical and psychiatric conditions. Additionally, she has collaborated with scientific researchers at the University level, working to understand subtle energies and states of consciousness. Sherry also has extensive experience in shamanic and other alternative healing practices.

A prolific author, Sherry has written columns about practical spirituality for several papers and newsletters in the U.S. and Canada, a number of instructional workbooks, and a blog for a major Arizona newspaper about hearing loss. She maintains three extensive websites. She is in the process of writing a book with her daughter, Jaimee Whitfield, that encompasses some of her experiences with crystal healing.

Sherry has appeared in numerous TV and radio productions including "Ancient Aliens" and "Coast to Coast" and is featured in the Avalon Video production entitled "How to Meet Your Angels, with Sherry Whitfield" and a production about crystal skulls entitled “Echoes From The Ages: Talking Story With The Crystal Skulls.” She has seven spiritual exercises and mediations available in CD form.

Sherry is perhaps best known for her practical, down to earth and gently humorous approach. Thousands of people have used these simple techniques to gain valuable insights into themselves and their life situations. The simple techniques she shares in her workshops place the focus on developing clarity and the recognition that each Soul is already receiving Divine Guidance, on a daily basis. With practice, comes the growing development of new awareness. The results are often a whole series of personal experiences which provide practical, and at times seemingly magical, insights.

Sherry spent over 35 years as a business consultant and entrepreneur and credits her strong streak of practicality to her background in business. She has owned over 20 businesses, including a wellness center, a small local newspaper, a chain of family movie theatres and five nature themed art and gift galleries. She began selling crystals and minerals in 1976 and 'rocks' are one of her passions.

Sherry lives in the mountains,  in an old house, that needs a new coat of paint. She enjoys the numerous and varied types of wildlife that are the neighbors... the clear starry nights and the peace.

She loves animals and is devoted to several animal friends, including a few parrots and game birds, a cat and several dogs - one of which is her Service Dog in Training, Sophie, her Mini Aussie Hearing dog.


Below is a short video done by Sherry and her friend Pieter Tigelaar. She's talking a little bit about her background.

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