More about Sherry Whitfield...
A Short Bio

Clairvoyant since early childhood, Sherry grew up in a family where "ESP" type experiences were not unusual. Still, Sherry’s deep need to understand what was happening to her, brought her to the doorstep of a psychiatrist, hoping for some concrete answers to her personal struggles with her paranormal experiences.  As a result, she spent several years working with and for him and other medical professionals, as a "sensitive," assisting the doctor in gaining what he felt were insights into atypical or difficult medical and psychiatric conditions.

Over the past four decades, Sherry has continued to explore the untapped potential of the human spirit, at times working with medical professionals, therapists, writers, scientific researchers, engineers and other interested professionals.  She has spent much of her life working to understand subtle energies and states of consciousness.  Her interests led her to become one of the first persons in the United States to be certified as a Biofeedback Technician, in 1973. Sherry's lucid dreaming workshop is recommended by a respected research scientist for its easy, yet highly effective techniques. In 2001, Sherry became ordained as a Minister in the non-denominational Universal Life Church and occasionally officiates at weddings.
She has been the current "Keeper" of the ancient crystal skull known as 'Synergy' since February, 2001.

Sherry has led numerous workshops internationally on spiritual, metaphysical & esoteric subjects, traveling extensively.
Her focus is on spiritual awareness and development, as well as the empowerment and validation of the individual. Sherry and Synergy’s work together is rooted in building a group vibration that encompasses compassion, acceptance and an ever increasing ability to give and receive love. She is featured in the Avalon Video and DVD production entitled "How to Meet Your Angels, with Sherry Whitfield" and the new production about crystal skulls entitled “Echoes From The Ages: Talking Story With The Crystal Skulls.”
The simple, yet effective techniques she shares in her workshops place the focus on developing clarity and the recognition that each Soul is already receiving Divine Guidance, on a daily basis. With practice, comes the growing development of new awareness. The results are often a whole series of personal experiences which provide practical, and at times seemingly magical, insights. A prolific author, Sherry has written several workbooks, as well as a profusion of articles on these subjects.

Sherry owes her strong streak of practicality to her background in business. Based near Tucson, Arizona, Sherry has extensive experience in business as a consultant and has owned several businesses, including a small chain of movie theaters, a wellness center and five nature themed art and gift galleries with an extensive offering of crystals and minerals. She has been a vendor at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, the largest show of it's kind in the world,  for nearly 40 years.
Sherry has long been interested in the potential of the internet for commerce, and has been active in online selling on eBay since 1998 and other web sites since 1994 and continues to this day.

Sherry lives in the mountains in an old house, that needs a new coat of paint and  a new roof.  She enjoys the numerous wildlife, clear starry nights and the peace. She loves animals and has several animal friends, including a number of dogs, several fish and dozens of birds.
Wherever Sherry goes, a dog or three will likely be following. :-D