Psychic phenomena has its place in your spiritual growth.
Just be aware that, in and of itself, the phenomena will not bring you happiness or peace and it will never truly lead you to God.
 Beyond the lower planes of the physical, astral, causal, mental and etheric are the 'God Planes'  where the only 'thing' that is real, and permanent, is Love.

Angels are messengers. The most important message they bring to humanity is one of total love and acceptance. 
Developing a greater ability to give and receive love will bring you closer to God.



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The Circuit Breaker Theory:
Regarding "Synergy Energy" Intensity and Some Reactions

by Jaimee Nevins

I am a very lucky person. I say this not to “rub it in” to others, but to give you a bit of background information. Not every child has the chance to grow up with a parent who understands them completely, and has the knowledge and experience to help them through trying spiritual times. I think that many, if not all, Mothers have the ability to provide those little pearls of wisdom that bring us out of our self-pity or sorrow. In that way, my Mother is not “special”. But in so many other ways she certainly is. One of the many things that she has taught me over the years, is something many of you will be familiar with. “Be careful what you ask for… you just might get it.” It’s one of those somewhat cliché sayings that still holds so much truth and power that nearly everyone, all across the world, knows a variation of it. It sounds so simple. Of course you should be careful of what you ask for. That’s obvious, isn’t it? Well, not really. We allow many of the trivial things in life to take precedence over “golden wisdom” sometimes. And reap the consequences of our inattention! Ah, to be human!

 One of the most tricksy of topics, and unsteady of moral/intellectual grounds, is spirituality and so-called paranormal or psychic phenomenon. I think of it as a test – and for the moment, I shall ask you to also. Maintaining balance in one’s life is indescribably hard – a Herculean task, if you will. There are so many distractions and traps set about to throw us all off, that just living your life one day at a time can be frustrating and full of uncertainty. We get caught up in the tangled webs we weave, or our perception and clarity get clouded… and sometimes what we were certain we wanted to happen/experience/do turns out to be a disaster. A real regret. I believe this is because it is so utterly hard to consider all of the consequences and effects that any one decision can come with. There are just too many variables! Sometimes this can be a good thing, other times not so much. The ripples in our individual ponds of life are infinite and widespread. As I am sure various personal experiences have shown us all.

I have grown up with Sherry, and more recently with Synergy, as a pillar in my life. Countless times I have heard her tell people that express a desire to “see what you see”, “And if you did suddenly see what I see. Feel what I feel… How would you drive home tonight?” And I have seen numerous reactions to this question – ranging from shock, to anger, to acceptance. Humans are by nature a very curious species… and it is no surprise to me that people wish to experience the things my Mother writes or talks about from her own personal arsenal of experiences. But the wonder of the concept of clairvoyance, seeing energy, or communicating with other beings can be so great, that we are blinded to the grave reality… How would we fully cope with it? With no prior heavy experience, and the lack of established defense mechanisms to keep from literally going insane? It is a very serious thing, and merely the first example or topic in this piece.

The main topic of this sort of essay is a theory I have been working on. It is not intended to scare anyone, merely provide an educational look into the deeper cause and effect revolving around Synergy Energy. From someone who has experienced the changes and energy firsthand. So here we go.

Synergy is all about love and compassion, as well as the concept of 1+1=3. But as an Ancient Crystal Skull, the energy is very potent and intense. Especially when Synergy is in a “working mode”, ready for private sessions like those conducted in Holland in March 2006. As anyone who reserved a session will tell you, the experience is extremely intense. Emotionally, mentally, and sometimes physically as well. It is a chance to work through a great deal of karmic issues in a short period of time, which is very rarely available in this world. The amount of energy rushing through the body and soul, and the amount of rapid change coupled with the intense energy can seem to overload people. But not permanently or in a bad or malicious way, mind you. This is the core of my theory… We – as human beings, and as Soul – are equipped with an internal circuit breaker. When the individuals – myself included – who have experienced Synergy “up close and personal” were overloaded, there was a time of extreme emotion, possible physical reactions such as shaking or crying, or brief periods of mental “spacey-ness” or a feeling of being overwhelmed. This is our equivalent of the circuit breaker in your house making that loud “Pop!” noise and turning off. When we are ready and the time is appropriate, the breaker is automatically flipped back to the “on” position. And “normal” life can begin again. With marked differences in perception, feelings of physical well being, or other things… unique to you as an individual. Everyone is different, and reacts differently. But we each have this circuit breaker inside of ourselves that protects and shelters us at the same time that it assists us in blossoming and utilizing new ideas, information, or opportunities. I don’t know about you, but I feel blessed to have it.

Hence the title of my theory… Circuit Breaker Theory.

Now that I have outlined my theory, I will get into a personal and emotional experience. This is a unique experience of my own personal overload, and the aftermath which was helped along by my internal circuit breaker. Spiritual circuit breaker, if you will. I hope that this will serve not only as an educational tool, but also as a cautionary reiteration of that saying mentioned above: Be careful what you ask for. Because even though you are each equipped with this internal circuit breaker, you may not be equipped to deal with drastic changes brought about by wishes that are only half thought out. Wishes are serious business, and living in a thought-action-manifest world… the end result of your desire to do or experience a certain thing could very well send your life into chaos. At least for a little while.

Last year, in September, Sherry and Synergy went to England for their first overseas workshops. As they prepared to leave, I was aware that Synergy was “buzzing” with intensity and sort of turning up the volume for the trip to come. It was a trifle unsettling, as I was used to this sort of docile vibe of compassion, love, and happiness. Gentle… almost like a soft whisper. Now here was a progression from soft whisper, to regular speaking voice, to a choir of voices raised in loud – but happy – song. Try sleeping with a choir perpetually singing in the background at the top of its lungs! The England trip came, my niece was born while Sherry was away, and the England trip came to close. In August, I had decided to quit my job working for a global shipping company because I was downright miserable. That ensured that I was there for my niece’s birth, and to act as a liaison for customer purchasing crystal skulls from Sherry’s eBay store. Upon their return, Synergy was still quite “loud”. I was still a trifle unsettled, but dealt with it. My 20th birthday came and went, and November crept up on us all.

Synergy was still in high gear, apparently preparing for the March 2006 journey to Holland. There was much work to be done, I suppose, and so it was readying us all. The energy was practically crackling around our house.

November 10th, 2005 was a pretty regular fall day in Arizona. Warm, but not hot. Slightly overcast, but not raining. I had spent the day with my significant other, but boringly regular duties and chores were still necessary, and so I did the grocery shopping before heading home. By 3:30pm I was on the Interstate and homeward bound. I had been traveling in the left hand lane for miles, and when I was a mere 2-3 miles away from my exit, I began to come up on a shining silver semi-truck trailer in the right lane. The CD player was on, at a reasonable volume, and I was happily singing along to an Oak Ridge Boys song. Elvira. Everything was going well. I was happy to be heading home, and enjoying the drive. As my Jeep slowly made its way up the length of the semi-truck’s trailer, I saw his blinker turn on. Signaling a lane change, into my lane, while I was next to him. I could see his mirrors and so figured that the blinker would soon go off as he waited for me to pass. The blinker did not go off. The trailer began to move into my lane. Not believing what was happening I applied firm pressure to the brakes to try and get behind him so that he could move over and I could avoid a collision. I never, ever, thought at that instant that there would be a collision. As the trailer kept coming, and I kept braking, I moved towards the left shoulder, trying to buy precious seconds to get behind the trailer. I hit the rumble strip. The trailer kept coming.

At roughly 70-75mph, the fully loaded semi-truck slapped my Grand Cherokee off of the Interstate, down a roughly 4’ steeply sloped embankment. I clutched the steering wheel as tightly as I could and started screaming as the Jeep rolled. I felt the vehicle go airborne, and then was brutally smashed down into hard and unforgiving ground. As the first roll started, the windows exploded and my world was a muddy shade of brown from the sun streaming through huge clouds of brown dust. I can still clearly picture that color, and the dust clouds billowing up through the broken windshield and windows. I must have only seen it for a split second, because I closed my eyes pretty quickly. Groceries went flying everywhere. The Jeep kept rolling. The spare tire, which had not been secure, flew through the air and slammed into the back of my seat. During one of the rolls, I smashed my head into the roof AND the tire. I prayed that I would stop upright. I could cope with this all if only I stopped upright. And was not trapped upside down, dangling by a seatbelt like so many scenes in so many moves I had seen over the years. I felt the Jeep begin to go up for another role again, and begged for something – anything – to keep it from going over again, because I was pretty sure it would land on its roof if it went up once more. Miraculously, instead of rolling over again, the Jeep wavered for a moment and then slammed down to the ground. Fully upright. The engine was still running, and the stereo was still playing. I turned the key off, stared at the battered remains of my beloved Jeep, and began to sob and scream once more.

An off duty policeman had been several cars back when the semi-truck slapped me off of the road. He stopped and ran over to see if I was alive, and to be sure that there was no fire. Surprisingly lucid, I took my cell phone out of my jeans pocket and asked him to call my Mother. She couldn’t, I explained, hear me when I was hysterical because my voice went up to such a high frequency that it as like a mosquito buzzing around. He stared at me for a minute, and then placed the call. There were bits of safety glass in my hair, down my clothing, and in my shoes. Everything hurt. The policeman assured me that the paramedics were on their way. I told him I was going to stay put and not try and exit the vehicle, because I didn’t know if the door opened anyway. He nodded and went back to his car to call Highway Patrol. I saw a man in plain clothes come over, grim faced, just before the ambulance arrived. It was the truck driver who had hit me. I was sobbing and screaming quite loudly at that point, and was highly offended that he didn’t even LOOK at me. They told me later that he thought he’d killed me (though with the way I was screaming, I was certainly and obviously alive…at the moment). I am thankful that he stopped. He told the police that he saw me roll off the edge of the embankment in his side mirror, but if he hadn’t seen it he wouldn’t have known at all – there was a slight scratch on the shiny silver trailer… but no dents or real damage at all. My Jeep was a total wreck.

Soon, the ambulance arrived. They were very grave, and informed me that they thought I may have fractured my neck or spine. I calmly told them that I really didn’t think so, but would cooperate fully. They looked at me like I was a bit off my rocker! Carefully stabilizing my neck, 5 EMTs and firemen took their time getting me out of the driver’s seat, and taped onto a body board. Sherry called my cell phone to assure me that she was behind the ambulance and following us to the hospital. Once we arrived at the hospital, my body began to spasm and cramp from being taped to the very uncomfortable body board for 3 hours, and finally one of the ER nurses cut me loose. After x-rays, I was told that I had a hairline fracture on my collar bone…but that my neck and spine were clean. The doctor couldn’t believe it. I walked away with that hairline fracture, a pretty serious concussion, strained muscles, and a lot of little cuts and big bruises.

My circuit breaker definitely popped into the “off” position then. I was overloaded to the max. But I never doubted my initial thought that I had no real serious injuries – it just didn’t feel that way. As soon as the Jeep stopped rolling, it felt as if some sort of weight had been lifted. As if some sort of big change had happened. It continues to feel that way today. My accident was a huge turning point in my life. It heralded some serious changes – spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I know I survived for a reason. And I know that my little circuit breaker reset and helped life to return to a sort of improved normal.

It was a horrible experience, in many ways, but there were also many hidden gifts. I never would have expected some of the “ripples” from a serious near-death experience to have turned out the way that they did. But that just proves that as humans, we are unable to clearly see every variable – and sometimes we just can’t wrap our heads around certain possibilities. I never would have thought that getting hit by a semi-truck at high speeds would turn out to be a positive thing… but because of that circuit breaker, I was given the opportunity to reset and grow. This is something that we ALL have – every one of us. We just have to acknowledge it, and take the second (or third, or fourth…!) chance we are given.

In closing. I am not saying that Synergy caused my car accident. It was something that had to happen for my own growth. But Synergy assisted me in resetting that circuit breaker and moving through and beyond the trauma. I went through a rapid fire series of drastic changes and events in a very short period of time. I think that really, my circuit breaker overloaded repeatedly and often for a several month period… but that is okay!

The real moral of this story is this: We are each allowed to overload, and remember that it is okay – and sometimes necessary – to do so. But one of the great gifts we are given in this life, is the ability to “reset” after dramatic/traumatic events. We each have to, however, take responsibility for bouncing back. And know that while assistance will be freely given from the Universe in our times of trouble, we each have to take the initiative and ask for or accept that help. It will not be forced upon you. Variables make life interesting and frustrating at the same time. But we all DO have choices. Utilize and perceive them, and you will discover many wondrous things. About yourself, the world, and others.



Psychic phenomena has its place in your spiritual growth.
Just be aware that, in and of itself, phenomena will not bring you happiness or peace and will never lead you to God.
 Beyond the physical, astral, causal, mental and etheric planes are the 'God Planes,'

Where the only 'thing' that is real, and permanent, is Love.

Angels are messengers. The most important message they bring to humanity is one of total love and acceptance. 
Developing a greater ability to give and receive love will bring you closer to God.


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