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NOTE:  There is more information about this skull's history, via the Tribe called the "Real People" or the "Respectful Ones" and certain Hawaiian Kahunas - but according to their traditions, it is not allowed to write down certain Sacred history without permission. Spiritual experiences and information can be ephemeral and difficult to share with someone who has not gone through their own experiences.  It is a highly personal experience.  Some things are meant to be shared face to face and not written down.  Many indigenous peoples around the world have this inhibition about writing their history and sacred things down.
I hope that I will be allowed to share it in more detail at some point.  I do share more specific information face to face and in live interviews, as this is allowed.
I do not name the exact island that the Tribe is located on or where the cave of the Ancestors in Hawaii is located, out of respect for their sacred traditions. Treasure hunters and looters have already taken some items out of these caves and I don't want to contribute in any way to their desecration and disrespect. I intend to honor their customs to the best of my ability. Therefore, I only share here what the Tribe feels comfortable with and what they have agreed to.

Synergy is not the true name of the skull, rather it is like a 'nickname.'  It describes the quality of the energy that it manifests on the earth at this time.  At this time I do not commonly write down the spiritual name of the skull out of respect for tribal traditions. I do share it face to face. I also share a translation and explanation of the runes carved on the bottom of Synergy, when I am speaking live, as I do not want them edited. I have been edited on TV many times without my knowledge or permission and I don't want the meanings distorted. 

Some of the Known History and Background of this Crystal Skull, "Synergy"
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This skull first came to light in the Western world, when it was acquired in 1981, by a European businessman and avid hiker, as he traveled around Central and South America. 
He was given this crystal skull by a very old native man, in a tiny village, in the Andes, near the borders of Peru, Bolivia and Chile. He was just passing through, and had come upon the small settlement while looking for a place to stay for the night.  He wandered into the village and was greeted with smiles and an invitation to share a meal.

This gentleman, George, speaks several languages, and he usually has at least a few words in common with most of the people he meets in his travels -- enough to get by, anyway.  Although he didn't speak the same language as most of the people in this isolated village, there was an instant connection between them, and they managed with the smattering of Spanish and Portuguese that a few of them knew. In need of shelter for the night, George was offered a spot for his sleeping bag, near the fire, in the dwelling of an elderly man.

 After a peaceful evening in the old man's company, George gratefully accepted a simple breakfast and got ready to take his leave.  As he thanked the man for his generous hospitality, the elder led George to an old chest. Opening the crumbling wooden lid, he took out the crystal skull, touched it reverently, and handed it to George.  Awed by an artifact of such obvious antiquity, beauty and value, yet uncertain what he was expected to do with it, George tried to hand it back.  But, the old man urged it upon him, making it clear that he was to take it with him.   

Extremely curious about the history of such a thing, George tried to find out what the villagers knew about it. One young fellow explained in halting Spanish that  the skull had come into the possession of a much loved Catholic nun, in Peru, in the early 1700's.  She was quite old when she died in 1720. She had given it to the old man’s 'Grandfather' when he was just a boy. 
(Note: It's hard to say if this was really the man's Grandfather, or just the honorary title that many natives use to designate an ancestor or revered relative.)
This nun told the boy and his father that the skull was "an inheritance from a lost civilization" and, like the Christian cross, it was a symbol of the transcendence of Soul over death.  She said that it carried the message of immortal life and the illumination that we may discover when we lose our fear of death.  She gave it to the boy and his father, asking them to safeguard it until the ‘right’ person came to get it -- and share its message with the world.  It had been brought to that land from 'somewhere else' and needed to wait until the right person could help it to continue its journey.
"Your heart will know the person," she said. 

"What a strange story," thought George.  Not being of a religious or mystical nature, he wondered what the old man thought he would -- or should -- do with it.
"Do whatever your heart tells you to do"  was the answer. 
So, George took the crystal skull with him, wrapped in a sleeping bag, inside of an old pillowcase.

George designs jewelry and as he flew home with the crystal skull, he thought about how nice it  would look in a display of his fine jewelry. It would certainly draw attention to his designs, he thought. So that's what he did.  For more than a decade, in shows held in Europe, people would flock to his booths where he sold his jewelry and other stones. 
He slowly became convinced that there was something quite special about the skull.
"It seemed to draw people like a magnet," he said, "and it touched the hearts of many of them, deeply."  Few people walked away without taking a look at the skull, and many had strangely exhilarating experiences, telling him how they were amazed by the many rainbows and patterns within it that shifted and changed, forming strange and wonderful images inside the skull.
George was so intrigued by the skull that he thought he'd try and have it copied.  He has access to some good technology, and he and another person tried to have copies made. They kept breaking when almost finished.  As he continued, he found that the expense and time involved were just too high.  He discovered that the original crystal that the skull was carved from would have weighed about 100 kgs.  It's also a left handed crystal, and that presents more carving difficulties.  By the time he discovered the practical things that prevented him or others from precisely duplicating it, he'd grown attached to the skull and wasn't interested in trying to copy it anymore.  Wherever he went, he took the crystal skull, and it drew people right to his booth.  He thought of it as his "good luck piece."  
Many researchers have looked at this skull and one of the most interesting facts about it came from a forensic scientist, who makes a living reconstructing faces from the actual skulls of missing people. He examined it and said that it was definitely made using a real human skull as a reference. It is a work of art, not a completely precise model of a skull, but he was sure that he could he could use a special modeling clay to reproduce a face. 
He explained that there are small anomalies in a real skull that only occur naturally. No piece of art (that is, something that was made directly from, and only using, the imagination of the artist)  can reproduce those anomalies. He explained that it is not possible to take a wholly imagine art object that looks like a skull to the unpracticed eye, and then use it to reconstruct a face that actually looks like a real human, no matter how carefully the imaginary artwork was constructed. In his professional opinion, this crystal skull is an artistic  reproduction of a natural object.  The measurements that had to be checked as it was fashioned, the patience, diligence and skills required to do so are mindboggling.
(Note: Another forensic scientist looked at the skull in 2003 and said basically the same thing, however, let's be clear: Whatever else this skull is or is not, it is a carved rock quartz crystal made by human hands! It is very detailed and unique, however, it is not a fossilized human skull and it is not hollow with precise anatomical details of a bone skull. It was not made by aliens, nor was it carved in China a few years ago. No ones knows precisely when it was carved or by whom.)  

It is a "Hollywood myth" that such artifacts were made to be used in human sacrificial rites.  Experts in ancient cultures explain that the skull was thought to house the soul. To the Ancients, it was a symbol of Life, the Soul surviving death. Crystal skulls signified the essence of humankind.  They were without faces, representing all humans, not any one race or even sex.

The shape was probably settled on as a way of preserving the memory or  teachings of someone of great importance to their world, possibly someone who was revered for his or her spirituality. Perhaps the finished piece would have been brought out on special holy days. Reaffirming their belief and hope for life after death.

Another interesting thing about this crystal skull is that it has several intercepted points in it. That means that the the original large rock quartz crystal (originally approx. 100 kilos or 220 pounds according to experts) had other, smaller crystals, growing inside of it and through it.  It is surprising that it didn’t shatter when attempting to carve some of the details on it.  It would have taken infinite patience and care and likely generations to do.

Certainly, like anything that mankind possesses, this crystal skull could have been used by people for their own selfish purposes, however, as an elderly nun once told a young boy, the crystal skulls are universally spoken of as legacies from a long ago time -- and items of great spiritual significance. The 'password' into any crystal skull is simple: it's love.
George came to America in early 2001, to debut a new custom jewelry line and to test the waters for his crystals. He had no inkling that he would be leaving the skull behind. The first days of the show were hectic and George was busy making deals – as well as answering the many questions people had about the crystal skull, sitting prominently on the top of his display.  A few days into the show, he met a wholesale buyer who caught his attention.  She spent a long time looking at his displays, talking a bit and carefully choosing things for the five stores she was buying for. He enjoyed talking to her about his favorite pieces and she fully appreciated the quality of what he had.  His booth was small, so he invited her to come back several days in a row to see what he had brought out from his various boxes and packages.
During this time, other buyers came to the booth, most of them asking about the crystal skull.  Many wanted to hold it, touch it or even purchase it. George routinely turned down considerable amounts of money for the artifact. 
By the fourth day, Sherry had seen all that George had to offer and they'd concluded their business.  As she rose to leave, she looked at the crystal skull and asked him about it for the first time.  “What’s the story on this thing?” she asked.  George and touched it fondly and then picked it up. He felt a wave of something rush through him, as he handed it to her. 

Sherry was surprised at how heavy it felt, and George steadied her hands as she took it.  "What a beautiful piece," she said softly. “Who made it and how did they manage to do it without breaking the crystal?” 
"Over a long period of time and with great difficulty, I should think" he replied. 
Then, he heard himself tell her “I think you should have this.  You need this!  You have to take it!"
“I can't afford something like this,” she laughed. “I have a business to buy for!”  
“Oh, I think you can manage it,” said George, as he gently kept her from returning the skull. 
She wasn’t sure she understood what he meant, but looking at him with a penetrating stare, saw that he was serious about her taking it.  She was troubled by such a gesture from a virtual stranger and she asked him why he would want to do such a thing.
“Why didn’t you sell it -- or give it to one of those people who looked almost desperate to have it?” she asked.  
"I don't know.” He replied.  “But I think too much with my head and I need to go with my gut, my heart. Take it."
George’s intensity and the sincerity of his words struck a chord within Sherry, and after thinking about it overnight, she accepted the skull.  

When she took responsibility for the artifact, Sherry had no thoughts about what she might do with it.  She and George were going with the moment...deciding with their hearts, not their heads. 


In 2005, a man who is a representative of an aboriginal tribe, living on an island, in the region of Micronesia, saw a photo of Synergy in a newspaper and came to see and experience Synergy for himself.  It was a profound reunion for him.

When he traveled back to to the tribe's island, he took photos of Synergy and a small amethyst carved skull that had been with Synergy (and had been suffused with that skulls subtle energies). He presented the photos and the small skull to the tribal Chief, in person, on or about November 1, 2005.

The tribe saw the photos and received the small skull as proof that the skull known as Synergy had survived. They spent an entire night rejoicing and feasting and telling stories about their ancestors and the skulls.

The story is that it had been 'sent out' via a canoe from the island, across the Pacific to South/Central America, a very long ago, to the "People of the Sky, the Warriors of the Clouds" to then await the 'right person' who would eventually come for it and take it elsewhere.  It had stopped in the Hawaiian Islands before it went into the Northern Andes.

The tribe reveres skulls and has two other crystal skulls in their possession at this time, including the twin of Synergy, known as "Harmony." Skulls are an integral part of their religion and beliefs.

The 'Synergy Energy' had come home again. At least to one of its homes, because their stories also indicate that hadn't been carved there - it was given to this tribe by their ancestors - they claim to be descendents of Lost MU - also known as Lemuria.  They kept the skulls safe, and when 'requested' to do so, sent one of them out into the world to share the Mana or energy.

During a visit to Hawaii in September, 2007, we met with two Kahunas. During that visit it was verified that Synergy had indeed been in the Hawaiian islands. There is substantial proof of that fact still in existence in the islands inside of a secret cave and it ties the skull  directly back to the Tribe in Micronesia! 
I cannot in good conscious share the details of what was revealed to me. IF I am allowed to, I certainly will.

These Kahunas knew without me telling them anything that this skull had been sent across the Pacific in a canoe and that it had stopped in the islands for a period of time before it continued on its way to the "People of the Sky, the Warriors of the Clouds."  

Many people who have experienced Synergy remark on the gentle (although intense) energy of the skull. Many also talk about Lemuria.   Lemuria was said to exist in and around the island area that this tribe lives today.

Where was this crystal skull carved? I doubt we'll ever know. It seems to be too old to follow back past any point that the tribe's oral history can account for. It was said to be a legacy from a lost civilization, even back then.

I said this earlier, but it bears repeating now:
There is more information about this skull's history, via the Tribe and the Kahunas - but according to their traditions, it is not allowed to write down the Sacred history without permission.
I hope that I will be allowed to share it in more detail at some point.  I do share more specific information face to face and in live interviews, as this is allowed.
I do not name the exact island that the Tribe is located on or where the cave of the Ancestors in Hawaii is located, out of respect for their sacred traditions. Treasure hunters and looters have already taken some items out of these caves and I don't want to contribute in any way to their desecration and disrespect.

The History of the Guardian of the Skull:

Here's what Sherry has to say about what she experienced before and after she received Synergy - 

“When George handed me the crystal skull, the only thing I was thinking of at first, was that I hoped I wouldn’t drop it.  I was astonished at his insistence in my having it, and I must admit I was suspicious of his motives. It was beautiful, interesting, fascinating… and had nothing to do with me whatsoever. I had no interest in 'owning' it. I thought it maybe picked me in some way because it knew I didn't want it.

Still, he was so insistent that I didn’t immediately say no, even though it was on the tip of my tongue to do just that.  Instead, I told him that I wanted a chance to think about it and to discuss it with my family, specifically my Dad. When we talked, he convinced me that there might be some reason for me to accept it.  God does work in mysterious ways, after all.  What decided me to accept the skull, at least for that moment, is a somewhat complex story and I haven't written it down at this point, but I do share it orally, face to face when I "Talk Story" at events and in groups.
I went back the next day and spoke with George’s son, asking him what he thought of his father giving me the crystal skull.  He said that he wasn’t that happy with his Dad, because he really liked it -- and it was worth a lot of money.  He said even his Dad seemed a bit shocked this morning, at what he'd done, but that he'd made his mind up that I was to have it and he still felt that was what should happen. He added that he knew his Dad well enough to know that he was not going to change his mind and take it back.  Since then, I have repeatedly offered to give it back to him, but he stands by his refusal.
I need to leave the story of meeting George and this crystal skull for a moment and give a little of my background. I assume you are reading this because you are curious about this skull and the guardian.  I can't answer all of the email I get anymore, although I DO try.  Maybe this part will answer a few questions.

I do not take myself too seriously. That is going down the path of self-importance and I try to steer clear of that, as best I can. I DO take my spiritual path and my duty, as I understand it, seriously. I don't feel defensive about what I do or who I am, so I don't offend easily. I can certainly be offended - but I usually just laugh when someone tries. I know am not the best Guardian ever of this crystal skull, but I do my best.  That's all anyone can do.

You can say that intuitive abilities run in my family because just about everyone, on both my mother's and father's sides, have a fairly strong "sixth sense" of some sort. I just seemed to get a bigger "dose" of the family 'juice' than I wanted. I was lucky to grow up in this family as they accepted me. I was never given an undue amount of attention for any psychic abilities.  Not positive or negative.  It was just an accepted part of life, and not analyzed to death by my parents.

I can’t remember a time that I couldn’t see and hear ‘things’ that other people seemed unaware of.  I’ve routinely experienced things that our language and culture have no accurate words to describe. I can't remember a time when I was 100% alone. I’ve always been aware of “Beings of Light” that are with everyone and are all around us. 

As a young child, I didn’t know that there was anything different about me -- or my family.  However, as I got older and went to school, I started to realize that my friends really didn’t have the same experiences that I did.  I isolated myself and eventually, I grew afraid and fearful that I was delusional.  My family couldn’t understand my obsession to dissect my inner workings because they never saw anything "wrong" with me.  I just had a little more of whatever it was that they all had. But I wasn’t comfortable with myself...and I had an understanding family, but no real peer group. I decided at the ripe age of 16 that I was smart and reasonably self-disciplined, so I was going to figure out a way to “make the crazy things stop happening.”  I just wanted to be like everyone else...whatever that meant.
So, I went to various churches, looking for help. Mainly I would hear that I had a ‘gift’ and that I needed to find out how God wanted me to use it. But it didn't seem like a gift to me and I didn't want to find out how to use anything -- I just wanted to give it back.  Still, I tried whatever they told me I should try to “make it stop.”  I was baptized a few times...dunked, not sprinkled...prayed over.  Laying on of hands... I even had an exorcism.  But I still had what I Was thinking of as delusions, hallucinations -- or whatever they were.  Since the churches couldn't stop the experiences from happening, I turned to something else: psychiatry. 

At  that point, I was totally convinced that I must be psychotic.  I saw the first psychiatrist, begging him to 'fix' me. I told him that I was willing to try whatever he thought would work.  I still remember the look on his face as I tried to describe what made me think I was 'crazy.'   After extensive testing, the Doctor  told me that there were no indications that I was psychotic. I do have a traumatic brain injury, and that may be a contributing factor but it's really unknown. (And that is a different story!) This Dr. carefully explained that it was his professional opinion that I was having ‘ESP type’  experiences, not psychotic episodes.  He said that he had an interest in “paranormal” or psychic phenomena and in people that were institutionalized were actually experiencing some kind of psychic phenomena and not a psychosis. 

I was shocked and suspicious of him; worried that he was the crazy one -- or that maybe I had somehow drawn him into my delusions.   I told him that I didn't believe in "ESP" type things and discounted them all as fantasy, delusions or wishful thinking. Eventually I agreed to meet some people who he thought might have some insight into my ‘problem.’  That’s how I first came to meet with other "sensitives” or clairvoyants (which means ‘clear seer’ in French) as he called them. I also met other medical doctors and researchers who assured me that there was, indeed, a scientific basis for what he was telling me.
I was a mess and trying to figure out how to live with being like I was.  I learned to trust this doctor -- and he through him I participated in various studies that eventually began to help me to accept myself. I spent some considerable time as a research subject over the years.  This showed me that I did indeed have quite a talent for "intuitive knowing." I ended up working for him for several years as what he called his "in‑office psychic".  This caused some raised eyebrows with his colleagues, but he didn't care. He was interested in results, not what people thought of him.  I won't say that this was a 100% positive experience for me. In some ways, at that time, it may have hurt me more than it helped me, but overall, things eventually worked out. 
It actually took another doctor I met later on, (who was not quite as fascinated with the psychic phenomena) to help me begin to accept that these things are, for me, "normal." He taught me to look past the blanket statement that I had made about myself which was: "different is bad" and to see that the likelihood was that it wasn’t going to stop, so I better learn to deal with it.
The Chinese have a saying that “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  My Mom gave me a little plaque with that saying right after I met that first doctor.  Wherever I am, I still start each day by looking at it and taking a moment to reflect on where I have been -- and where I still hope to go with my life.  When I first started my journey to understand and accept myself, I never thought I would get anywhere.  Even now, there are days when I think I have taken more steps backward than forward.  My life’s journey has wound back and forth, and taken me to places that I could never have guessed I would go.  Agreeing to meet with the first man – the “Sensitive, who is like you” was the first step that I took.  Looking back, I can only marvel at how fortunate I was to walk into that particular Doctor’s office that day, and not someone else's. I'm not going to say that he was a saint or that he didn't make some mistakes.  At least he recognized that something other than mental illness was going on with me. Over the years, I've met a few people somewhat "like me" that were not so lucky.
My idea that self-discipline would enable me to stop the psychic experiences from occurring proved to be untrue. However, being able to focus on and stick with things has helped me in so many other ways, including in the business world.  During the last three decades, I have been in business for myself and done fairly well.  I’ve also spent countless hours working on gaining clarity and learning to change refocus my awareness so that I rarely bothered by “chatty spirits” and other unwelcome and distracting phenomena.  I’ve kept a journal for many, many years, and it’s helped me to see that the information I receive is solid, very practical and has always been of benefit in my life.  I’ve learned about self‑mastery, rather than the mastery of others.  My journey hasn't been easy, but then, nothing worthwhile in life is…
Along the way, I learned that some of the techniques I’ve worked with can also be used by people who are interested in learning to open and expand their consciousness.  At first this seems like the exact opposite of what I wanted to learn to do. But it turns out that the process is really very similar: it’s the same ‘coin’, just a different side. I don't know what it's like to be anyone else, or what someone else’s experience of life is like…but I do know what it’s like to be me!  So, when I have the time and energy, I share some of my personal experiences and simple techniques that can increase spiritual awareness. Anyone can learn try for themselves in a safe and relaxed setting.  I’ve met thousands of wonderful people, across the U.S. and in Canada.  Among other things, I include topics such as lucid dreaming, working with your angels and spiritual protection. 

One of the most important things I’ve learned is that psychic experiences don’t always equal being ‘crazy’… one the other hand, psychic experiences do not always equal being spiritual, either.  It’s definitely not the same thing.  There are many beautiful, loving souls who have had psychic experiences, and there are also some power hungry manipulators and out and out liars.  It’s a personal choice: the path of power or the path of love. The psychic realms can easily become a trap - if power is where you choose to place the focal point of your attention, instead of love.
I do try to keep my business life somewhat separate from my personal life. You know what they say about not discussing politics or religion at the dinner table...well, my workplace isn't  where I normally choose to discuss certain aspects of my private life.  Some things about me are a little too unusual to be non-controversial for some people, especially those who have never come into contact with someone like me, outside of the stereotypical roles shown on TV and in the movies and books. It’s unpleasant to be a focal point for someone’s expectations -- or their anxiety. Because I met George in a business context, I was not comfortable just blurting out my background and it was not until almost a year after he had given Synergy to me before I told him some of it.

I quickly learned that there are a few other ancient or old crystal skulls, scattered around the world and that people are eager to see them. I wasn't entirely sure why, but I was willing to take the skull where it wanted to go, as long as it didn't take up too much time out of my life.  By all accounts, many people have had remarkable experiences with these skulls. I believe it,  because I can now say my experience with this skull has been remarkable. It's not easy for me to write about this, as it is very personal. Maybe someday I will organize some of my experiences to share with people. For now I only share them face to face when I travel with Synergy - this is called 'Talk Story.'

When he came to America, George had no idea that he would give "his" crystal skull away to a stranger.  Thousands of people had offered to purchase it, but he'd always turned them down.  He felt that he had to give it to me - and at a certain point I felt like I needed to accept it - at least for some period of time. I saw the crystal skull as an intriguing historical curiosity and a work of art, but had no interest in it, personally, initially.  So, why did this exchange occur?  

That’s a very good question.  Maybe my lack of attachment to it was part of it. Even if that’s part of it, it’s only a part.  I have a few other theories, but they are just that. Who can really know for sure? 
I can’t help but wonder what the chances were that this crystal skull, an amazing bit of ‘lost history’, would come to me…  But then again, what were the chances that an artifact such as this would have ended up with George?
When I accepted this crystal skull, I had no clue what to do with it. I have a few clues now, but I think no one really knows that much!  Everything I know about working with crystal skulls has come directly from Synergy. I've found that there are a lot of consistencies in how people around the world work with crystal skulls. 
And I've found that there is an equal amount of hooey. Sometimes it's wishful thinking and sometimes, it's manipulation.  This field is full of dedicated and sincere people with some amazing insights - and on the other hand, it's riddled with fraud. Each of you have to figure that out for yourself.
I try to steer clear of the 'politics' ego-fests and dogma of crystal skull world and focus on doing what Synergy asks me to do and on the people who I meet who are sincere. Otherwise, I stay home and focus on my family and my dogs.

It's been a never ending adventure. I still don’t know where it’s going to take me - that is always evolving. It's certainly meant major changes in my life on many levels.  It's taken me a number of years and a huge amount of soul searching, but I've finally accepted that I am, as the Natives says, 'the proper keeper of the skull.'  I am along for the ride! The best part - the people I meet.  My life is full of love and laughter and joy!

In April, 2015, my long time friend and crystal skull researcher, Dr. Jaap van Etten, his wife and my close friend, Jeanne Michaels, my husband, Bob McCullough and our dear friend, Pieter Tigelaar started something that we called the "Crystalline Fellowship." 
It is a long term project.

For a long time now, Jaap and I have wanted to collaborate in the work that we both do with crystal skulls, spirituality, subtle energies etc. We have continued to work towards that goal and now there has been a huge opening! The time was right and it has begun.
This is just the very beginning - but it IS a beginning of something a little different in this field.
This is the birth of a true Fellowship - encompassing far more than two people. This alliance has been forged in love, friendship, respect and the mutual desire to assist in raising the spiritual vibrations of all Beings involved in this co-creation known as our Universe and Humanity!
We all agree that the key to this is Love. 

 In the coming months and years the Fellowship will share resources, offer online courses from top people in the various fields, and be a place to have honest discussions! Topics will be as varied as crystal skulls, earth energies, angels, healing, working with subtle energies, multi-dimensional Beings and much more!


Meanwhile, in the midst of unanswerable (at least for now) questions,
I step back. I do my duty, as I understand it and try to keep an open mind. I watch.  You never know what might happen next!” 


 At the present, Sherry Whitfield lives on a small ranch, in the mountains of SE Arizona. She is an internationally known speaker and workshop facilitator.  Sherry's personal website may be found at: www.ILoveAngels.com

For several decades Sherry has led numerous workshops internationally on spiritual, metaphysical & esoteric subjects. Her focus is on spiritual awareness and development, as well as the empowerment and validation of the individual. Sherry and Synergy’s work together is rooted in building a group vibration or resonance that encompasses compassion, gratitude, acceptance and an ever increasing ability to give and receive love.

She has appeared in numerous TV and radio productions including "Ancient Aliens" and "Coast to Coast"  and is featured in the Avalon Video production entitled "How to Meet Your Angels, with Sherry Whitfield" and the production about crystal skulls entitled “Echoes From The Ages: Talking Story With The Crystal Skulls.”

Clairvoyant since early childhood, Whitfield has an unusual background, having worked as a "Sensitive," in a medical doctor’s office for several years, assisting the doctor in gaining insights into atypical or difficult medical and psychiatric conditions.  Additionally, she has collaborated with scientific researchers at the University level, working to understand subtle energies and states of consciousness. Based near Tucson, Arizona, Sherry graduated from the world renowned 'Desert Institute of the Healing Arts' in 1991 and has extensive experience in shamanic techniques and other healing practices.

Sherry spent over 35 years as a business consultant and entrepreneur. Her past businesses include a wellness center, family movie theatres and five nature themed art and gift galleries.

A prolific author, Sherry has written columns about practical spirituality for several papers and newsletters in the U.S. and Canada, a number of instructional workbooks, and a blog for a major Arizona newspaper about hearing loss.  She maintains three extensive websites and is one of the Founders of the Crystalline Fellowship, an online educational resource about raising ones spiritual vibration.
Sherry is perhaps best known for her practical, down to earth and gently humorous approach. Thousands of people have used these simple techniques to gain valuable insights into themselves and their life situations.


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Photo at right:

Synergy at Chalice Well, the
legendary place that the Holy Grail was buried for a time, in  Glastonbury, England.


Synergy at Chalice Well, Glastonbury, England


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