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SYNERGY and Sherry's Travels

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THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO WE'VE MET IN all of the wonderful places we've been lately!


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In person when possible and via internet
Tucson, Arizona

In person, when possible, and via internet when not

In person venue: 
Mystic Candles & Metaphysical
6546 E. 22nd St. Tucson, Arizona
(Just east of Wilmot)

Next TUCSON drumming with Synergy is set for May 22, 2020  6:30p-9:30p
but it may be virtual, if shelter in place continues.

Call 520-721-1011 to make your reservation if we are allowed to meet in person!

email Sherry for details of the virtual drumming.
or go to the Synergy Facebook page.
(Look to the left of this page for the link)

EMAIL:  Email Sherry:

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Come meet Synergy and Sherry!  See below for details

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and current shelter-in -place laws, our travels have been postponed and the upcoming schedule is tentative.

Check back and we will add details when we get them.

In the meantime....we will be having virtual drumming with Synergy SOON!
I've been offering online courses to a selected group of students for the last 8 months and will start offering to the general public soon.

Tentative Cities and selected areas where Synergy and Sherry will be in 2020 and beyond:

June - Rome, Georgia
June - Memphis, Tennessee area
August - Connecticut
September - Maine
September - Pittsburgh
Monthly - Tucson, Arizona - at Mystic Candles 

Czech Republic
The Netherlands

Sedona, Arizona
Monterey, California

More dates and places added as soon as travel is possible and safe.


If you are interested in attending or sponsoring a workshop with Sherry and Synergy in the U.S.,  Canada, the U.K. or Europe, or would like to get on the mailing list, please send an email to:

 (click here for list of workshops and more info)


I've been flooded with requests to bring Synergy to various locations, all over the world. Thank you so much, for all of your interest in having us visit.
I can't get to all of the places that have invited us! As time goes on, perhaps we'll be able to make a dent in the list!

n excellent way to connect with the crystal skull energy is through a spiritual exercise that I call "Raising Your Spiritual Vibrations."
Utilizing ancient techniques involving breath, sound and color to focus attention inward, opening to higher energies. This can be a profound experience and may lead to permanent changes in awareness. 

It is of particular interest to people who are curious about how the crystal skull's energy works with them and - and how it effects them. 
I facilitate various other workshops about spiritual awareness, and I always bring Synergy with me.

Crystal Skulls naturally work together... humans could learn from them in this way!
We do not have to agree on every little detail of every little thing to co-operate and treat each other with respect!

A special Gathering of Elders -May 2006

Bell Rock Vortex, Sedona

At Left: Auntie Pua, Honored Elder from Hawaii;
Willard Pine
, Honored Ojibwa Elder from Canada;
daughter of Honored Elder Grandma Agnes, from Oregon,
 Sherry and Arthur van Steen, Honored Guest of Sherry, from the Netherlands.
(Synergy is in the bag Arthur is carrying!)