FAQ about Auras

Psychic phenomena has its place in your spiritual growth.
Just be aware that, in and of itself, the phenomena will not bring you happiness or peace and it will never truly lead you to God.
 Beyond the lower planes of the physical, astral, causal, mental and etheric are the 'God Planes'  where the only 'thing' that is real, and permanent, is Love.

Angels are messengers. The most important message they bring to humanity is one of total love and acceptance. 
Developing a greater ability to give and receive love will bring you closer to God.



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What is an Aura?
FAQ about Auras
Aura Artwork 1
Aura Artwork 2
Aura Artwork Pg. 3
Aura Artwork Pg4
Planes of Reality



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Frequently Asked Questions About Auras

It's important for all of us interested in spiritual development to include some  understanding of their subtle energy field or aura. The Aura is an electromagnetic energy field around each of us. Itís not visible to most people, but it is instinctively sensed or experienced by others.  Your aura is not a closed system, as they say, it is continuously exchanging energy with things around it - anything and everything unless you decide differently.
Would you stick your hand into filthy water and then touch your mouth? How about dog poop?
Yet, everyday, all day long, I see people do the equivalent with their energy. Some people will co-mingle or allow others to suck their energy, (living or 'dead') with little or no restrictions as to who does so.
It is up to you to decide what you want to exchange energy with.
You absolutely can decide about this important boundary setting, whether or not you see energy, feel it,  or even believe totally that it exists!

The aura is also called the "subtle energies." These energies are felt, perceived or sensed by people in various ways:
as colors, (seen or somehow Ďfeltí),
as textures (sticky, slick, hard, soft, etc.),
as temperatures, (cold, hot, warm, etc.).  Perhaps you sense something and have no word for it: a kind of perception or a "knowingness." That is when the "inner sight" is used.
Many people can be trained, over a period of time, to sense or "see" the human aura.

Below are some simple questions and answers.
Read the following pages on the Aura, Spirits, Psychic attack, etc.
They are answered in far more depth in those pages.

Spiritual Protection
FAQ about Psychic Attack, Ghosts, etc.

Exercise for Spiritual Protection
Taking Care of Your Subtle Energy (Aura)

How do I stop someone from doing something like throwing energy or draining your energy,  when you can't see it and maybe donít believe in?  Also, how do I stop throwing energy and/or draining someone elseís energy?

A. Your energy is strongly effected by how you feel and what you think. Intense thoughts and feelings intensely effect your energy!
It takes some practice, but you can learn to deliberately affect your aura, using spiritual exercises designed for specific purposes. 
Click here for the page on various  Spiritual Exercises
Here for the page for Protection Exercise

Q.  What can strong emotions do to your subtle energy bodies?
When you go out of balance, your energy does also.

Can you get "holes, rips, tears, etc. in your aura"?
Yes. They really aren't rips or tears, but they functions as if they are, so we might as well use our understanding of something with a hole in it to get the concept of having a hole or tear in your energy field.

If so, what could cause them?
Intense emotions, such as anger, lust, fear, pain, etc. Physical trauma of any kind can cause them.

What are thought forms, entities  and/or implants?
Thought forms are things that are in your energy, formed of your thoughts, or more likely, your emotions. They may look like physical items - a teacup, a sofa, a spider, just to name a few.
It's also common for there to be little tick like "entities" stuck in and on the energy field, sucking on people or for there to be implants in the field, blocking the energy from flowing easily.
Those entities and/or energy blocks can actually cause physical illnesses that that have been hard to a Dr. to diagnose or treat - like Chronic Fatigue, recurrent headaches, strange aches and pains... and other things.


Where do they come from?
Often from other people. It's common to pick them up from people who are sick, upset with you, that you have sexual relations with - anyone who you come into contact with could drop off a few of them for you to entertain.
Some things may come from other lifetimes, but that's another story...

How do you deal with them?
Read this page on spiritual protection,
Then read this exercise: and the other pages on Protection.
And this one on more FAQ.

What do they feel like?
You might not feel anything. Or you might be very very tired, have strange cravings, emotional ups and downs that don't seem natural... Read this FAQ page for more info.

What are Spiritual Clouds or misty spots or streaks in the in the aura.
They could be all kinds of things, but mainly, when someone asks this, they refer to the clouds of emotions. Most people are rather grey, in the outermost emotional layer(s), because of all of the intense and murky emotions they haven't resolved or have absorbed from the surrounding environment.

What colors are in the aura?
They could be any color of the rainbow, plus some that are not seen on this plane.

To what degree are we affected by the subtle energies around you?
From my observation, people are effected so much, that I isn't possible to answer this. We are all effected tremendously by the energies around us. Only by cultivating emotional balance, detachment and knowing ones self, on a deep level, can we remain mostly unaffected by the external energies all around us.

How do Dowsing rods work?
Yes, they do. All kinds of dowsing tools work very well, as long as you are able to clear your energy field and detach from the outcome.

How far away from the physical body does your subtle energy field reach?
It depends on how you are feeling, and how comfortable and confident you are, to a great degree. A concert pianist or singer will expand their energy to fill the entire room.

How do your emotions effect its size?

Fear, pain, discomfort, etc.  reduces it's size. Joy, love, confidence, comfort, and other expansive emotions expand it.  Anger and lust can also expand it, if you are emotionally reaching towards another person.

What about the proximity of other people?
Again, if you feel comfortable or confident, etc. it will expand. It you are fearful, intimidated, etc. it will contract. 
How far do you think your energy field goes when you are in an airplane, seated next to a stranger?  There is a big difference in your energy field when you are around people that you are comfortable with versus strangers or people you are not comfortable with, for any reason.


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Psychic phenomena has its place in your spiritual growth.
Just be aware that, in and of itself, phenomena will not bring you happiness or peace and will never lead you to God.
 Beyond the physical, astral, causal, mental and etheric planes are the 'God Planes,'

Where the only 'thing' that is real, and permanent, is Love.

Angels are messengers. The most important message they bring to humanity is one of total love and acceptance. 
Developing a greater ability to give and receive love will bring you closer to God.

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