Lucid Dreaming for Spiritual Growth,
Problem Solving, Insight and Awareness

I'd like to dedicate this area of the site to my Father, James Dale Whitfield.
It was his openness and acceptance of me as a child which enabled me to remain open to the inner realms
and to begin to understand the dream worlds.

I'll always love him.

Thanks, Dad.

In Memory of my beloved Father, James Whitfield   Feb. 9, 1934 to Dec. 5, 2010

I am interested in sharing techniques for lucid dreaming.  This is when you are aware and 'awake during your dream.  You know you are dreaming and maybe you can change and guide the dream -- or more!
I have quite a few exercises on this site that are simple enough for anyone to try.
If you have a lucid dreaming technique or if you have any kind of angel experience or story that  you'd like to share, let me know by email and I will post them in a new section that I am working on right now. 


Dreams can be a real source of growth, insight and fun. Many people are learning to use their dreams for this type of growth by becoming "lucid" or aware that they are dreaming, while in the dream.  When they realize this, they can turn the dream into "something else" - something beyond the scope of a "regular" dream. This can be an exciting adventure.

I began using dreams as a young child to learn about my world, understand the people in my life, access inner wisdom and to communicate with my Guide. This use of dreams runs in my family, especially in my father. My Father uses his dreams very efficiently. Although we have some differences in our approaches to dreaming, his openness in speaking to me about his own experiences, as well as talking to me about my own, gave me a feeling of acceptance. He never ridiculed me or judged me. When I spoke to him about the "book" that I looked into in my dreams, he was very calm and interested. As a result, I continued my dream explorations and became very adept at using them for unusual purposes.

I urge you to be open to your children in this manner. It is outside of most of our experiences to treat dreams as having a reality of their own, Children know that this is true, however. We, as a society, cripple our children's ability to access these inner planes through well-meaning ignorance. Put aside your preconceived notions of what dreams are...for yourself, as well as your children.

My dream experiences have opened up my awareness and spiritual understanding. The information I receive is full of common sense and useful. I expect it to be useful, so it is!

If certain dreams are not real in some manner, how does one explain it when two or more people share the same dream?  How are they able to put together things from their dreams that not only make sense and solve problems from their lives, but also remember sharing the exact same incidents upon awakening?  When this happens once, it can be passed off as coincidence. But how do you explain it when it happens nearly every night? 
Something is going on here that is not explained by our 'traditional'  view of the world.

This kind of lucid dream sharing happens to me regularly and consistently.  This has happened throughout  my life, with many, many people.  It began happening during early childhood, before I knew that it was impossible.  <G>  It is easier for me to share dreams with some people than with others.  I'm sure that there are many people that I could never share with, for whatever reason.  There is no standard, 'rational'  explanation for this.

A word of warning:

Let me be clear that I  am by no means a "Spiritual Master."  I can share dreams with some people -- but that doesn't mean that I am a Master.

I would not advise accepting anyone's claim of being a "Master," based on them being able to enter your dreams.

Also, I'd be very cautious of someone who enters your dreams uninvited. Beware of trying to enter another persons dreams on purpose and uninvited.
(It can happen by accident, but  this is not at all the same thing as deliberately doing so.)

It is against spiritual law to invade another person's space for ANY reason. There are karmic consequences for doing so.

Being psychic does not equal being spiritual.  You can easily be one and not the other...   Psychic powers or abilities are just a step in a person's growth. It's easy to get trapped in the fascination of the psychic realms, but the psychic realms stop -- but the God planes continue on.  On the God planes, only love exists. 

My experiences are not the point, however. It is your experiences that count.  

Give one or more of the dreaming exercises a try! Set aside your expectations and learn some patience.  If you do, a whole new world will open to you!

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